I went to the High Plains to give it my best
prepared to be challenged and put to the test
I thought I could easily conquer my fears
but clearly, Mt Bogong had other ideas

I battled the rain all the way to the top
determined that nothing would cause me to stop
remembering all of the stories I’d told
of those who were claimed by the wind and the cold

But after the summit, conditions got worse
the breakfast I’d eaten was now just a curse
the storm all around me was worse in my gut
it took all I had to just get to the hut

I cried out to God, asking what I should do
He said, “If you want it, you’ll have to push through”
I might have succumbed to the doubt which negates
if not for the care and support of my mates

Eventually, I was stripped back to my core
and knew I’d encountered a spiritual war
I asked God to give me the strength that I’d need
and soon we were off with a will to succeed

The weather improved but terrain was still rough
Big River was cold and the climbing was tough
we pushed on to Roper’s, and as we got near
we had the good fortune to spot a big deer

The campsite that night was as good as it gets
the choice to continue had brought no regrets
but just when I thought my concerns were all fake
I woke in the night with a bloody tooth-ache

Inspired by those who were suff’ring with me
from blisters, exhaustion and bad dysentry
I made a decision to hold nothing back
with so many highlights ahead on the track

Enjoying the sunshine and flatter terrain
Mt Nelse brought a joy I could hardly contain
my brain was bombarded with thoughts of the past
I savoured them, hoping the moment would last

A milestone birthday at Cope Hut that night
was all the more special at such a great site
I heard a life story and felt so inspired
that all of a sudden I wasn’t so tired

Encouraged by such a great message of hope
I joined in the challenge to conquer Mt Cope
but as for the highlight, you just never know
’cause after Mt Jim, there were brumbies on show

The drop into Dibbins was largely unknown
discussions adopted a more sombre tone
our last evening meal was a sumptuous feast
a cold night preceeded the sun in the east

Our spirits were high as we got underway
a clear sky revealed one more glorious day
the climbing was eased by our now-lightened packs
we revelled in having the sun on our backs

More footage was shot at a Derrick’s Hut break
the goal clearly visible, ready to take
the pace slackened off as we got to the end
with one more imposing high peak to ascend

The view was superb as we stood on Mt Loch
it caused me to pause and reflect and take stock
emotion welled up under perfect blue skies
the mountains were now bringing tears to my eyes

I went to the High Plains to give it my best
prepared to be challenged and put to the test
I wasn’t quite ready for what would unfold
but now that I’m home, there’s a tale to be told