So it’s over.

The hike that we spent so long preparing for is now a thing of the past. We have great memories, lots of sore spots and a heap of photos to look back on.

We also have a pretty good fitness base and a whole lot of expensive equipment waiting to be used again.

There has already been quite a bit of talk about what happens next. Some earnest discussion took place around the campfire on the final night of the hike – the perfect venue for such talk. Truth be told, we chewed the fat regarding future possibilities before this hike.

It is evident that our adventure has generated interest from beyond the eight men who participated this time. One of the challenges we face in going forward is deciding how, or if, we can accommodate such interest. Suffice to say we are open to the possibility of expandind the program. We are also cautiously aware of the importance of protecting the interests of the pioneering group who have initiated this thing.

At the same time, we remain acutely aware of the potential of an activity such as the one we have just completed. Many men yearn for an opportunity to challenge themselves like this. It’s exciting to contemplate the ways God could use such experiences!

I invite everyone connected with the 2018 Bogong High Plains hike to pray for discernment about how we proceed.