General Training

Aim for 2 x pack walks per week for a minimum of 1 hour each. Aim for occasional longer (2-3 hour) walks as part of this program.

By start of November    –              10kg minimum

By start of January           –              15kg minimum

By mid-February              –              20kg minimum

By start of March             –              25kg minimum

Train at 25kg for around 3 weeks then back off for 1-2 weeks prior to the hike to let your body recover. Continue to train during this period, but only at an intensity which allows you to start the hike feeling fresh and ready to go.

Compulsory Training Sessions    –

January 19                               – 6am Saturday at Mt Lofty

February 16                              – 6am Saturday at Mt Lofty

March 7                                    – 7pm Thursday at Mt Lofty

Overnight Practice Hikes/Camps

Aim for one before Christmas and one after.


Aim to increase weight gradually rather than with a sudden large increase.

2 x pack walks per week is a minimum target. If you are doing other forms of training, these should be ‘as well as’, not ‘instead of’.

Training targets are a guide. They are meant to serve you, not rule you. Listen to your body and train accordingly.

Compulsory training sessions are exactly that – compulsory (barring an emergency). The aim is to have the entire group together for these sessions. Please make whatever arrangements are necessary to make this happen. If it is not possible, we will endeavour to change the dates, but not at short notice.