Thirteen hikers formed a team

headed off to live the dream

undeterred, though it would seem

this would test our self-esteem


All our hopes had built for weeks

waiting on the God who speaks

through the things a hiker seeks

… ice-cold streams and mountain peaks


Full of hope, we hit the trail

searched the start to no avail

once on track, we would not fail

looking for our Holy Grail


Fallen trees along the tracks

water scarce at Bogong Jack’s

dodgy knees from heavy packs

resting eased our aching backs


Pressing on to higher ground

past the tree-line, summit-bound

cairns and trig points soon were found

prompting us to look around


Fainter’s views inspired the soul

Feathertop a distant goal

pushing hard was now our role

this was sure no pleasure stroll


Big name peaks were soon far-flung

cruising through the wombat dung

jokes were told and songs were sung

focus turned to Jaithmathang (Yate-ma-tung)


Made it to Tawonga Huts

stunning place – no ifs, no buts

snacked on chocolate, cake and nuts

three-peak days require some guts


Spending time around the fire

speaking of our hearts’ desire

we laughed and prayed to now inspire

joy of which we’d never tire


Up again, we met first light

left behind a rainy night

Pretty Valley came in sight

after that, we took a right


Half way through a third day loop

took us to the other group

climbed Mt Cope and earned a scoop

all together – what a troop!


Moving on, we had to scout

Weston Hut was crowded out

pretty soon we turned about

Blair’s was better … not a doubt


Now no option to defer

Knew the challenge must occur

slogged up Diamantina Spur

looking back on where we were


Challenged by the other mob

(lest they try to title rob!)

even summited ‘Big Knob’

keen to now complete the job


Big days’ work had left us wacked

Federation Hut was packed

thinking of the summits racked

there was now but one we lacked


This was not the time to stop

up at dawn to reach the top

marvelled at the massive drop

views that weren’t too hard to cop


Summiting was such a thrill

backed it up with Mollie’s Hill

running out of time to kill

next stop would be Harrietville


Brenton, Hugo, Paul, JD

Peters two and Michaels three

Marcus, Nathan, Ian and me

all convinced there’s more to see