2019 Bogong High Plains Trek – Details


UPDATE: There is a live tracker which shows one of the two groups live locations during the trek. A link to it can be found on the BLOG page. There is also a map of the route which shows the proposed route, also available from the BLOG page.



Wednesday April 3rd to Tuesday April 9th 2019 (5 day hike plus a day either side for travel).


Intended route

Bogong Village to Harrietville, via the Fainters, Jaithmathangs (formerly Niggerheads) and Mt Feathertop. The hike will involve challenging terrain, significant altitude gain/loss and potentially variable weather. Good quality equipment is required.


Equipment considerations

Individual equipment (eg boots, clothing, pack, sleeping bag, mattress, rainwear) and group equipment (eg tents, cooking gear).

  • Boots Comfortable, but suitable for multi-day hike in challenging terrain with heavy pack. Vibram sole (or similar), robust lacing system. Waterproof membrane and/or leather.
  • Pack High volume (eg 85-90 litres). Durable, robust stitching. Appropriate harness size (adjustable?)
  • Sleeping Bag Down v synthetic? (warmth/weight/volume/price).
  • Mattress                 Self-inflating or roll-up (or both?)


  • Rainwear                 Hooded goretex (or similar) jacket – waterproof/breathable. Preferably longer length (to cover hips). Seam sealed. Pants (cheaper?)
  • Clothing                 Use lightweight layers eg merino/thermal base layer, fleece/down midlayer(s), rain jacket outer layer.

Clothing for walking (eg shorts/ lightweight shirt) v at night (warm).

Initial focus needs to be on essential ‘individual’ items – keeping in mind what you need as well as prioritising within your budget. Be prepared for significant expenses! Be wary of ‘bargains’. ‘Group’ items may be shared depending on group numbers and arrangements.


Other expenses

Equipment is the main cost, but there will be other things which arise, including travel expenses, food, accommodation, fees for practice hikes/camps etc.


Time commitment

Apart from the trip itself and the considerable time devoted to training, participants will be expected to participate in regular meetings and ‘share the load’ in terms of various organisational tasks which need attention as preparation gains momentum.



Many months of regular, specific training is required. General fitness is a good base but will not be enough! Training should include regular walking/climbing hills, with a pack, gradually increasing the weight being carried. Individuals must take responsibility for their own preparation, using guidelines provided. Training with the group, where possible, is highly recommended. There will be some compulsory sessions. Participants must meet specified training targets.


Decision deadline

Wednesday,  August 8th


For more information, ask Craig Chapman