There are a number of significant hike related events in the next couple of months.

February 1: Group training hike. Waterfall Gully car park ready for a 6am start. Up and down Mt Lofty with a couple of additions. 19kg packs please. Finish around 9am.

February 6: Meeting at Craig’s place, 7.30pm. Agenda will include impact of fires on route, allocation of duties (eg menu, first aid, transport, accommodation bookings etc), training fine tuning, equipment … lots to discuss so please bring your ideas. Please be willing to put your hand up for duties. It does not have to be the same people each year!

February 14/15: Optional overnight camp/night hike at Aldinga Beach. Approximately 6pm Friday to 9am Saturday. If you’re not doing this one, that’s fine but remember two practice overnighters is the requirement. Time is running out, so make this a priority.

February 22: Group training hike. 5am start somewhere near Waterfall Gully. Will include an extended hike before and after Mt Lofty in order to simulate “Jagungal Day”. 22kg packs please. Finish around 10am. Don’t plan anything too strenuous for the rest of the day!

March 19: Final meeting, in a big shed (Rob?). “Full dress rehearsal” – have your pack packed as per the hike (except food).

Ten weeks until the hike! If you’re not already cranking out big hills regularly … get going! Stick to the recommended pack weight schedule, get up to 25kg a couple of weeks after the February 22nd hike but don’t stay there for more than a couple of weeks! “Train hard, train smart” becomes even more important for the next couple of months – we have some tough training hikes coming up. Listen to your body. I strongly recommend that you stop all pack training 1-2 weeks before the hike – make sure you’re feeling at your peak on March 26th!