Route marked in yellow, overnight sites in blue

Day 1: Mountain Creek Campground, Eskdale Spur, Cleve Cole Hut.

Day 2: Cleve Cole Hut, Bogong summit, Hooker Plateau, West Peak, Quartz Ridge, Cairn Creek Hut.

Day 3: Cairn Creek Hut, Grey Hills Track, Spion Kopje Spur, Johnston Hut.

Day 4: Johnston Hut, Kelly Hut, Fitzgerald Hut, Langford East & West Aqueduct, Cope Hut.

Day 5: Cope Hut, AAWT, HP Road, Roper Lookout, Heathy Spur, Edmonson Hut.

Day 6: Edmonson Hut, Spion Kopje Spur, Spion Kopje Fire Track, Robbers Roost, Lake Guy/Bogong Village.


  • Second group to do the route in reverse.
  • Start/Finish points approximately same elevation (600m).
  • Main climbing days – Day 1 (1,200m), Day 3 (600m) for group starting at Mountain Creek; Day 1 (1,200m), Day 5 (600m) for group starting at Bogong Village.
  • Similar level of challenge as we would have done for KNP walk.
  • Similar elevation gain and challenge for the two groups.
  • Minimal doubling up of terrain covered in 2018. Some back and forward on same track to make the route work.
  • Night before and night of return in Mt Beauty.