Information for Prospective 2020 Seeds Trek Participants


Depart Friday evening March 27th. Return Saturday evening April 4th. Six days (five nights) on the trail, one night either side for travel.



Kosciuszko National Park, Thredbo to Kiandra. The hike will follow approximately 120km of the Australian Alps Walking Track, including Mt Kosciuszko and several other major peaks.



Seeds Trek hikes (and preparation) utilise a leadership model which includes an overall leader and assistant leader, each in charge of a hiking group. There is also a deputy leader for each group. The two hiking groups will be formed with the aim of ensuring an even spread of experience and resources. The groups will start from either end of the route. Until the actual hike, we will operate as one team.



Expect to spend from $2,000 to $3,000 to prepare for the hike. The majority of this will go toward your equipment (pack, boots, tent, sleeping bag, clothing, cooking gear etc.) but there will also be costs associated with travel, accommodation, food and other incidentals. New participants are strongly advised to seek advice prior to purchasing major equipment items.



A significant level of commitment to training is required. Participants will be expected to begin immediately and continue this twice a week (with increasing intensity as required) for eight to nine months. Guidelines will be provided, but it is the responsibility of each participant to prepare appropriately. Failure to reach required minimum standards may result in a review of an individual’s position on the hike. There will be several compulsory training sessions (January/February/March 2020) and an expectation of two (minimum) overnight practice hikes/camps.



Bi-monthly meetings (four in total) are held to provide information, discuss issues and make plans. It is expected that all participants will attend and contribute.


Extra Tasks

As we get closer to the time of departure, there are a number of logistical tasks which require attention in order to make the experience a reality (eg transport arrangements, food requirements, accommodation, and first aid). During the entire preparation process, input is required in relation to organising practice overnight hikes, hosting meetings, offering training opportunities and documenting expenses. Participants are encouraged to volunteer for these tasks.



There is urgency for all new participants to acquire a backpack and boots (the ones you intend to take on the hike) as quickly as possible, as these are required in order to train effectively. The pack needs to be a minimum of 80 litres in volume. The boots need to be suitable for multi day use in harsh conditions. Deadline for these items is Friday, September 6th. Other major equipment items should be purchased as soon as possible in order to allow time to practice using gear efficiently. Ideally, tents, sleeping bags and other items should be used on the practice overnights.



There is no guarantee of any group health/accident insurance cover. Participants should make their own arrangements.


Family/other considerations

All of the above equates to a very significant time commitment which will inevitably impact your spouse, family life and time available for other things. Make sure that the people who will be impacted understand the commitment required of you and are happy for you to proceed.


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For more information, ask Craig Chapman