Project Description

We’d barely arrived before

one of our trekkers

was attacked by an

efficient and angry,

nasty vicious little,

blood sucking leech.

It was our first encounter

with Victorian wildlife.

We became wary of

feeding anything else

As we were leaving,

one last visitor came

to see what sort of

environmental footprint

we had left behind.

It ignored us completely

in the gentle rain.

We found water

on the way to Howman Falls.

A solitary pool, all alone

with no obvious source,

ice on the surface

and tadpoles thriving

This is certainly an

unusual place

We had just survived

Big River and all was

temporarily well

until a wasp stung

one of our team on the foot.

A less than happy face

for one of us

in this photo.

This deer became

a highlight of our trip.

Spotted by Paul

as we approached Roper’s Hut.

Jonathan shot it

with the telephoto lens

and was somewhat sad

that he didn’t have a gun

One shiny black snake,

lazing on the Staircase Spur

A few dead ones

just laying around.

Probably more watching and

happy to avoid us.

One last live one

wishing us Farewell

on top of Mt Loch

Majestic brumbies

roaming around

Keeping their distance

More wary of us

Than we were of them

They didn’t look like a

problem to us

A South Aussie icon

admiring the view.

I wonder if the bird

appreciated the quietness

as much as we did.

One last long gaze

before heading home