Our Route

Our route is covered in more detail below. This is a simple overview of the places we expect to visit.

  • Mountain Creek Camping Ground (outside of Mt Beauty)
  • Staircase Spur
  • Bivouac Hut
  • Mt Bogong summit
  • Cleve Cole Memorial Hut
  • T-spur and Big River intersection
  • Ropers Hut
  • Mount Nelse
  • Wallaces Hut
  • Cope Hut
  • Mt Cope
  • Cope Saddle Hut
  • Dibbins Hut
  • Derrick Hut
  • Mt Loch
  • Mt Loch carpark

One of our maps

GPS Tracker – Spot 2

During the trek we had recorded a GPS trail using a Spot 2 tracker. Every 10 minutes it recorded where we were so that later we could check it out and see how we did.

The tracker data file can be downloaded by right clicking on this link and saving it. You can then import it into Google Earth to see where we went.

The map below can be used to see the 2018 route or the 2019 route on the same page.

Click title to show track
2019 Route
2018 Route